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4 Self-Care Resolutions to make in 2023

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Every new year comes with plenty of “new year, new you” suggestions on how to live your best life in the coming year. While you can decide to turn over a new leaf anytime you want, there is something special about starting a new year with renewed optimism and new goals. Along with your resolutions this year, why not add self-care to the list. Most importantly, we mean the type of self-care that does not simply revolve around the scale.

Here are a few ways to prioritize self-care in 2023

1. Make “me time” non-negotiable: It is easy to get pulled into work and family obligations and forget about yourself. This may be natural for you, but it is also draining. Try putting “me-time” into your planner just like you do for appointments. It does not matter what you do during this time, it could be a trip to the spa or time to watch a movie without disruption. 

2. Write a daily affirmation to yourself: How you talk to yourself matters, but it is not easy to correct negative self-talk and self-doubt. Try writing a simple affirmation to yourself every day, even if it feels silly at first. This simple practice can help set a more positive mindset for the day and overtime it can improve negative self-talk. It can be as simple as writing “I am capable and strong.”

3. Work on resolving pain issues: Millions of people are living with pain, from headaches and muscle aches to chronic pain that makes regular activity difficult. Even mild pain that is consistent can put a damper on the day and lead to depression. This year why not tackle pain and discomfort so you can live life to the fullest. On your search for relief, do not forget to include more alternative options. Massages, cryotherapy, infrared sauna treatments, meditation, stretching, acupuncture and acupressure are a few options to try.

4. Find healthy ways to reduce stress: Stress may be unavoidable but that does not mean it is not problematic. Stress can take a serious toll on your health and mental health, creating everything from physical pain to insomnia and headaches. While we cannot eliminate stress, we can be proactive about reducing and minimizing it. Talking to a friend, writing in a journal, taking walks, meditating, and finding uplifting things to focus on can all help. Massages and sauna time may also help reduce cortisol and shift your mind into a less stressful state.

It is okay to have resolutions centered around shedding weight and looking your best, but do not let that overshadow the importance of feeling your best. By adding some positive, self-care goals to the mix, you can work toward balance and peace in the new year. And unlike strict diets and harsh exercise routines, these new year resolutions feel good instantly, so they are easier to keep! 

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