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Fire and Ice Therapy can maximize your benefits

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Have you heard of fire and ice therapy? Sometimes called “contrast therapy,” fire and ice therapy is a type of cryotherapy treatment that alternates between cold and hot temperatures. It is often used to treat muscle soreness and inflammation, as well as to improve circulation and boost the immune system.

During a fire and ice cryotherapy treatment, you are exposed to cold temperatures for a period of time, immediately followed by exposure to warm or hot temperatures. This alternating temperature exposure has a number of benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and relieving muscle soreness.

Additionally, the release of mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain is also increased with this type of alternating hot, cold therapy. This means that clients can experience greater relief from anxiety and other negative feelings after their session. 

Essentially, by alternating hot and cold you get all the benefits of each type of individual treatment, but they are enhanced. These are a few of the benefits to be had with fire and ice therapy:

– Immune system boost

– Improved sleep

– Increased energy
– General mood enhancement and reduced depression and anxiety

– Reduced inflammation and pain throughout the body

It will also speed up muscle recovery time from intense training or an injury. This makes fire and ice treatment a powerful tool for athletes, those working on their fitness and anyone trying to recover from an injury.

How does Fire and Ice Therapy Work?

Heat and cold have unique actions on the body that work differently, but complementary to  each other. The warm temperatures can help to increase blood flow, improve circulation, and relax muscles. The cold temperatures can help to numb pain, reduce inflammation, and constrict blood vessels. Each type of exposure initiates a different set of bodily reactions and chemical processes and by alternating between them you receive a greater range of benefits. 

The two most important things about this type of treatment are that your entire body is exposed to the heat and cold cycle and that the temperatures are high and low enough to induce the desired response. This is similar to alternating hot and cold compresses on an injury but expanded to include your entire body. So, while you can experience a slight benefit from trying hot and cold showers at home for example, it will be limited because the temperatures are not extreme enough. 

There are several ways to experience fire and ice therapy depending on what facilities you have access to. Within our facility clients can alternate their use of the Infrared Sauna and whole-body cryotherapy. The change in temperatures is drastic and may be a little intimidating at first, especially going from warmth into the cold. Don’t worry though, our bodies are amazing at adapting and quickly adjust!

We have seen the powerful benefits of cryotherapy and fire and ice therapy which is why we’re so passionate about offering these services to the community. If you’re curious about it and want to give it a try, why not book a session. Of course, if you have questions, you can always call (417) 360-1044 or send them to us via email.

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