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Cryotherapy Helps You Stay Active

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Cryotherapy is a modern, non-invasive treatment that has been gaining popularity among active adults. This includes anybody that enjoys physical activities as well as weekend warriors, athletes, trainers and those in training. But why is cryotherapy becoming so popular in these groups? Let us talk about it!

Cryotherapy is an excellent way for active adults to support their bodies and recover from physical activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone that engages in intense activity, are new to exercising or somewhere in between, cryotherapy can help you recover quicker and feel better. 

Reduces Inflammation: Cryotherapy has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, which can help active people recover more quickly from physical stress and injury. This can help you stay in the game and avoid time lost to injury or illness.

Increases Energy: Cryotherapy has been shown to increase energy levels, allowing active people to tackle demanding schedules without feeling as drained or fatigued. It stimulates blood flow, triggers helpful chemical reactions and renews your mental focus.  

Manages Pain: The intense cold of cryotherapy can help boost endorphins, reduce inflammation and reduce the sensation of pain. This makes cryotherapy an effective way to recover from injuries and reduce muscle soreness from physical exertion. 

Improves Mental Well-Being: The intense cold of cryotherapy has been shown to stimulate the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers and mood enhancers. This can result in improved mood, reduced stress, and a general sense of well-being, allowing active people to stay focused and motivated.

Enhances Athletic Performance: By reducing inflammation and promoting recovery, cryotherapy can help active people to train harder and perform better. The improved circulation and increased energy levels that result from cryotherapy can also help to enhance athletic performance, allowing active people to push their limits and reach their full potential.

 There are a few ways you can utilize cryotherapy to improve performance and stay active. For example, Localized Cryotherapy focuses on a specific part of the body that’s inflamed or causing pain. This lets you highlight a troubled area and get relief in minutes. Whole Body Cryotherapy reduces joint and muscle pain, boosts energy and reduces inflammation throughout the entire body. If you don’t have specific pain, but need relief all over, this is a good place to start. 

People looking to elevate their results even more can alternate with cryotherapy and time in the infrared sauna. This can enhance your metabolism, speed up your natural healing process, reduce inflammation and improve lymphatic drainage and circulation.

It’s easy to see why cryotherapy is becoming so popular among active individuals. If you have an active lifestyle, are new to exercising and tired of feeling sore all the time, or just want a new tool in your back pocket to help with your performance, you’ll want to try it, too! Getting started is easy, just check out our services or send us your questions today.

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